Monday, August 24, 2009

Deja vu all over again...

Well, it turns out that the gig scheduled for the 3rd of October is not going to happen. Lots of issues popped up out of the murk and it just didn't happen. So, we are again in our normal pattern of giglessness. We're still looking around for a venue that could work, you know, dark basement with 2 or 4 people covering their ears, shaking in the corner of the room, but so far nothing has surfaced so we'll just keep on looking.

Terry and I are working on the final mixes for the Rumdum Daddy album. We knocked out You Don't Want to Know and Rat Poison for the Soul recently. Rumdum Daddy is the next one we are finishing up. Terry added another vocal chorus between my verse and chorus and it fit nicely. I need to massage some guitars into place and go through the brain damage of those final mixes but we have some good tracks to work with. Fortunately, the stuff we did at Max's studio went down well into ProTools and we didn't have mistakes that took down the ship.

Theme from the Monster's Holiday is another one that I'm working on. It is nested into a dirge like intro followed by E Minor Exploration. It just sort of happened that way. We didn't intend to combine the two jams but it worked out pretty well. We were warming up at the studio and one of us started playing so we just kept on going until we finished. I think that one should work out okay. I need to find the type of echo we used to get from feeding the inputs into the outputs on the Sony reel to reel at 3 and 3/4 IPS. The tape echo was cool because it would go from left to right and increase as you turned up the output volumes. It was a very cool, very good echo machine and since we used it on the originals of both of those jams we thought we should try to do something similar on the Rumdum Daddy album. One of these days we may put out another older stuff album with the original tracks, E minor expl and theme from the monster's holiday. But for now, it's new stuff.

We are just finishing up an interview with Austin from Shindig Magazine, in the UK. He did a really nice job of putting everything together. I don't know when that will be published but figure within the next month.

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